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Chloe Maya in Turquoise

I am not crazy about the generic shape of this bag but the color, oh boy!! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! It is shouting “Hello Sun and Fun!!! See you later summer hater!!!”. A few things I should mention before you rush out to buy. This bag is giant and the way it hangs off the handles is awkward. I also find the half moon front zipper pocket to be oddly placed and somehow just makes the bag look like it’s trying too hard to be fashionable in a Coach kind of way. But if you can get over all that, you will have a great bag for Spring and Summer! The back of the bag is totally plain so you can just carry it that way. It won’t be recognizable as a Chloe but that name no longer has the cache it once had so, whatever. Let me get back to this delectable turquoise, it is soft and happy and actually quite easy to wear. I have a bright turquoise Birkin that I hesitated getting at first because even though the color is the most amazing thing on earth, I thought it would be hard to wear. Not true, oh no, not true at all. Anything neutral or contrasting sets it off and makes the bag the highlight of my outfit (as it should!). I have a few dresses with a hint of turquoise in the print or woven in the fabric that bring out the beauty of the color. Anyway you wear it, the bag will make you spectacular. And that’s how I see this bag. I might wait because I’m sure this color will be strong in their collection and there might be a more acceptable bag (if so I might be getting back in the Chloe market). At

Net a Porter

for $1405.



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  1. OH my, I find this bag disgusting in every imaginable way. Something like this could be expected from Chloe,that´s sure. The color is so childish -only suitable for babies.

  2. it’S OKAY. NOT Great but I see the appeal of the color as I am freezing and would do anything to be on a tropical island with this on my arm. great color

  3. yeah… if they had just left this as a plain tote, it might have been acceptable, but as it is, this bag makes me want to hurl. i still have my Chloe whiskey Edith, but i’m so disappointed with the way the line has regressed.