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Infiniti Nano Silver Conair Hot Rollers


(Post by Beauty Snob Michelle)

Now that I’ve mastered my new flat iron and hair dryer from Conair I decided to take a huge step and try out the new ceramic rollers that came with them. I don’t often curl my hair as it’s straight as a stick and doesn’t hold curl very well so I recruited my Snobtastic roommate who has thick amazing hair to help. We both curled half of both our heads and sat around watching Ugly Betty and figuring out how we would use the curlers in everyday life. The curlers were pretty good. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of experience with curling my hair but one of the first things I noticed was that the clips don’t hold very well, even on my thin hair. My roommate was having serious issues but figured out that if you curl your hair towards your hair rather than away, the clips hold better. Anyways I really liked these curlers for one big reason. I’m a klutz. If there is something to hurt myself on I will do it. (I have hundreds of scarring memories from the 80’s and my unfortunate use of a curling iron on my bangs.) While you can tell that they are hot, they don’t burn you and they don’t have any sort of weird, hot smell. When we took out the rollers the result was pretty good! I had big, bouncy curls (that promptly fell out two hours later) and my roommate has tiny springy curls. The best thing about the set is how quick and easy it is. If you’re getting ready to go out and suddenly decide to curl your hair, this is the set for you. It takes about 10 min to heat up and about 15 to get a good curl. $54.99



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  1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your thorough review. I couldn’t find any other product description that mentioned the clips, even on the Conair website! A lot of reviews are negative on Conair, Revlon, and other brands that are offering the clips instead of the old bendy pins (that nobody enjoys either, but at least they hold, unlike the clips, apparently).