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Liquid Hair Plumper


I have really thin hair. I shy away from wearing it down because it falls flat so easily and I end up looking more casual because my hair is hanging limply around my head. That problem was totally solved when one of my friends sprayed my hair with Heat Seeking Liquid Hair Plumper from T3. This stuff is really amazing! It coats the hair without weighing it down and makes it feel like every strand of hair has tripled. I had awesome, flouncy cocktail party hair that stayed bouncy and full all night. This works with the heat so apply it on towel dried hair and blow dry to your heart’s content. You will be sure to turn heads the rest of the night! $38 at



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  1. Hi Rita,

    You do not have to use T3 blowdryer with this but of course it will give you the best results. I am a total T3 addict and use the dryer, duality iron plus the products and my hair is shiny and gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) and my blowouts last longer between shampoos!

  2. I bought this yesterday and used it along with my new T3 dryer, and I was very, very pleased. My hair is poker straight and it has been in a bit of a funk lately. I feel as if it is like BSMichelle described – “flouncy”. It is well worth the $38. I have spent so much on other volumizers that it feels good to find something that works.