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Louis Vuitton Continues………..


Apparently there is no end to the barrage of atrocious bags from Louis Vuitton. But let’s be fair here for a minute, I do appreciate the attempt at creativity with the LV monogram – which clearly MJ himself is sick of. And the overall design of the bags is not completely heinous (I prefer the shape of the smaller one on the right), now stick on a couple of cutsey but useless plastic buttons, stitch the monogram in yellow on top of all of Barbie’s favorite colors and you have a bag totally suitable for Jemina, our very chic 7 year old God-daughter. Unfortunately the 4 figure price tag will not go over so well with her mother but her Grandmere might be persuaded. Available this Spring. Louis Vuitton available online at



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  1. bag snob, I beg you, please make them stop!!! this is so hideous! ok,so the shape is acceptable but the colors…. it’s like Barbie threw up all over it.

  2. At first I thought these were miniatures created for a doll. Is this for real? What self-respecting Barbie (let alone human being) would even be seen with this tacky crap? These are full-sized?

    Please, please do a soothing, classy Valextra post so I can exhale.

  3. LOL, terrible of me to end the year with such a horrid attack on your senses. Will provide simple and elegant bags for your pleasure tomorrow – Valextra is a great idea!


  4. Just now checked your blog downwards and saw these small doll bags. Had to read all the comments-which I normally skip-to convince myself that these really are bags meant for someone to buy. Absolutely cracy.Who is the designer? Not MJacobs I hope.

  5. For years I bought Louis Vuitton – I loved the Stephen Sprouse and

    the applique and the cherry blossoms. I would buy the unique bags when the prices were reasonable. BUT NOW – it is ridiculous and

    extreme so that each 4 figure purchase is a one season event. Clearly

    flash and trash. The only decent new bag is the large pleated tote –

    fabulous for travel.

  6. i actually really like both of them! of course they’re not as classy as the Speedy, but they’re fun and different to what LV usually does.

    love em!

  7. The bags in this photo definitely seem adolecent, and even fresh in design. They wouldn’t be on my top list of favorite bag designs. However, you have to give the designers credit for being different and open minded to new and exciting colors and details. Great ideas always stem from something else, even if it is ugly to the typical eye.

  8. I think I had a canvas purse that looked just like the one on the right … when I was six and it was still the 80s. It went great with my side ponytail and my legwarmers. But now we know better and there’s no excuse for those horrible color combinations, especially at the LV price.

    Please continue your brave fight against the LV juggernaut, Bag Snobs!

  9. What are those little plastic button thingies on there for?

    I have to admit, there are times when I rather the tutti fruiti kind of color motif, but I am so confused here. Somebody at LV thought..”tutti fruiti” and “plastic blisters/plastic cockroaches” and…I’m just confused.

  10. This perfectly illustrates the downmarketing trend that LV is bent on following. There will be a gorgeous Wal Mart range coming next spring, in bright washable synthetics. Even the Shanghai knock off markets will avoid LV designs as ‘bit too common’.

  11. I think I had a canvas purse that looked just like the one on the right … when I was six and it was still the 80s.

    Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw these bags and thought, “Oooh – Benetton!”

    Stop trying to bring the 80’s back! Much of this stuff was hideous the first time around!

  12. We may all think this bag is horrendous etc…but, we also all know that it will sell out in record time. So just relax and look forward to seeing those awful photos of celebs wearing the latest craze from Walmart….I mean MJ!

  13. I actualy really like the bigger one (mind you, i could do without those huge plastic things. I think that worn wiht the right outfit, it could be a very very nice bag.

  14. This is the one website where commentators and reviewers alike do not seem to get any true pleasure from the unexpected and fresh.

    Vuitton is legendary because of innovation, brand integrity and the ability to merge MJ with unexpected artistic collaborators.

    The top ten bags are all boring, and are actually all shapes borrowed either from all the top leathergood houses archives.