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Oh how I love Jean Paul Gaultier


(Introducing our new intern, Bag Snob Amanda, the latest addition to the Snob Family!)

So I have always believed that women look best when they look like women. Being 5’11 and a size 4, I often look more boyish than womanly. (Yes, I know this sounds modelesque and I sound ungrateful, but it’s really not worth it unless you are getting paid. Plus I can never hear people at cocktail parties!) This is why I love this dress, it is feminine without overdoing it. The top v’s down to the belt which shows off the waist and collar bone and will give me curves. And though I want to look more like a woman than a boy, I don’t like looking too pretty pretty which is another reason why I love this dress- look at the back! It is patent leather (which equals sexy) but the shoulders and the top of the arms are covered (which equals appropriate) plus it has ultra functional pockets! You can command the room with your feminine sex appeal and have pockets to hold your lipstick!

Jean Paul Gaultier Runway Devore Tartan Dress at, $2,485.00 Jean Paul Gaultier Stretch Velvet Devore Dress is on sale for $1490 at Saks (thanks James!)


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  1. between the deep v in the front and the patent racerback, i don’t know which is sexier!

    FYI – this dress is on sale at for $1,490.90 and shipping is free with code HOLIDAY7. it’s also on sale at for $1,615. and it’s on sale at for $1,740 and you get free 2 day delivery with code NMHURRY.

  2. Wellcome bag snob Amanda! So now we have the view of a taller woman too.Me and my daughters are 5ft 10 and now we can compare how something feels and looks on a taller woman.

  3. Oh thank god I’m not the only one who worries about being boyish. I’m 5’11” and size 2 — and every month at least two people mistake me for a man. Often times while I’m wearing mascara and a push-up bra.

    Thankfully Gaultier always has our backs.

  4. Welcome, Amanda! But in light of everyone’s comments so far, at 5’8″ I’m feeling quite puny right now. Time to slap on some heels and wonder where it all went wrong.