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The Gift of Beauty: Cargo Smoky Eye Kit

If the allure of sexy smoky eyes has always fascinated yet intimidated you, Cargo’s Smoky Eye kit is for you! Cargo breaks it down to a few simple steps and makes it easy for even the most inexperienced of beauty snobs! Go to Sephora to play around with it and you will see how fun it is to create the season’s must have look. But if you are lazy like me and fear the mall, order it online and don’t worry, it comes with a step by step instruction booklet! The set is small and portable so you can take it with you on trips which will make packing that much easier. I always end up bringing way too much beauty products (my beauty product luggage is as big as the one I take for my clothes!) and would really like to pare down my travel routine. It’s also perfect for keeping in your bag for all the after work holiday parties this month. This is a great stocking stuffer for the beauty snob in your life! Free shipping with $50 purchase! Get CARGO SmokyEye Kit ($85 Value) Smokey Eye Kit for $39 here

CARGO SmokyEye Kit ($85 Value) Smokey Eye Kit



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  1. Love,,,

    BLACK SHADOWS & the smoky look!!!

    (when done well)

    A good make-up brush or two is ‘pretty much’ a MUST for REAL success with this dramatic look.

    (P.S. Q-tips just don’t give you the accuracy that a make-up brush does)

    A cute brand called Lip Lingerie has a great Midnight blue shadow that works GREAT for the smoky look.

    NARS is ALWAYS shadow fabulous!

    xox, Sue