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Tweezerman Children’s Care Kit

I am absolutely addicted to my Tweezerman tweezers. They are simply the best for removing the tiniest hairs. For those of you that own them, I am sure you agree. Now, you can share Tweezerman quality with your babies. Squirmy babies make nail cutting a challenge, but precise tools can help boost your confidence. I remember the first time I had to clip my daughter’s nails. I nearly had a panic attack. I kept thinking measure twice, cut once. Then, the nail scissors broke as I attempted the first clip. She started screaming. I thought I had cutoff her fingertip. Fortunately, no blood was shed, but the next several times I had to cut her nails were nerve racking for me. Now, I am able to sing songs to my son while cutting his nails. At least the reliability of Tweezerman can help save you from my first experience. The Tweezerman Children’s Care Kit ($30) includes steel baby scissors, baby nail clippers, baby nail file and a nailbrush. Available at Nordstrom.

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