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First Fitness Kids First TreadmillFirst Fitness Kids First Exercise Bike

First Fitness Kids Treadmill ($109.99) and Exercise Bike ($89.99)

I love the idea of educating kids about health, nutrition, and fitness. I think it is fantastic to keep kids active. The treadmill and exercise bike (both above) are only the beginning of exercise stuff that First Fitness Kids offers. You can also purchase dumbbells, balls, fitness mats, and pedometers. In our house we have an adult-size elliptical machine and a treadmill. My daughter loves trying to workout on the machine I am not using, but I am always telling her no afraid she will get hurt. With this pint-size equipment, there is no need to worry. However, I fear what might happen if these items end up in the home of the weight obsessed. Would a parent actually force their kids to exercise for a specified time each day? Then, I think the premise of First Fitness would backfire causing your child to revolt against *Arnold* and hit the couch. Remember fitness for kids should be fun and enjoyable.

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