I’ve been in this crazy, happy holiday daze lately. I’m embracing the holidays and am so excited to be going to see my family for Christmas that I broke down and tried a product I never thought I’d ever try again just because it smelled like candy canes! I’m kind of obsessed with Philosophy’s Candy Cane 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. I’ll tell you this right now, do not use this as a shampoo! I didn’t even try with this bottle because when I used Cinnamon Buns, my hair was ripped apart and dried out after only one use. This is great to use as a body wash though. The crisp peppermint smell fills your shower up and pleasantly lingers on your skin. It put me in a holiday mood for the rest of the day. $20 at Sephora.com Philosophy Candy Cane 24 oz

2 thoughts on “Yummy!

  1. I like this new shampoo. I have never tried it before but you made me want it.

    I will definitely go and get one for me.


  2. I’ve been in holiday spirit with Benefit’s 24k lipgloss. It’s so festive. People were asking me what it was, because I layered it over lipstick. It’s limited edition though, which makes me sad, because I know I’ll run out and forget to buy it. Anyway, it’s really cool stuff. Very festive!!

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