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Alexis Hudson: The Dynamic Duo

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ahudson.jpgI assumed Alexis Hudson was the name of the designer behind the enchanting line of bags when I first discovered them at Neiman Marcus. After contacting their PR (due to my obsession with the python St. Tropez clutch) I learned it is actually two talented and ambitious young women who made the brand possible! Rachelle Copeland and Emily Ironi bring over 15 years of industry experience to the fresh, innovative brand that fashion insiders have labeled “one to watch”. In the competitive world of bags, the duo have propelled the brand to International “it” bag status (as seen on the arms of va Longoria, Katherine Heigl, Heather Graham, Jill Hennessey, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Elisabeth Rohm, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Cindy Crawford to name a few) in just two short years!

ahudson2.jpgCopeland and Ironi spent years learning the behind-the-scenes business of accessory design and sales, and in 2005 they pooled their talents to launch the collection whose name pays homage to Copeland’s six year-old daughter Alexis, and Ironi’s German Wirehaired Pointer Hudson. From the word go, the Alexis Hudson partners had a clear-cut vision for their brand. Highly driven and working from home offices in Kansas City and Los Angeles, the partners have seen their dream through to reality: creating the “perfect bag” and providing “absolute therapy for handbag addicts.”

We were fans from the minute we set eyes on the collection and were thrilled when they agreed to the generous giveaway to our Bag Snob readers! Rachelle and Emily remind us of ourselves (me in Dallas and Kelly in Los Angeles and working out of our home offices respectively!) and their success is an inspiration to bag snobs and designers alike. Here is a peek at the dynamic duo!

ahbag.jpgRachelle Copeland

Based in Kansas City, Copeland is the creative force behind the brand, designing bags that are the perfect marriage of function and form. Under her watchful eye, each Alexis Hudson handbag is impeccably crafted using the finest materials. Each luxurious Alexis Hudson bag includes subtle, yet thoughtful, design elements such as hidden magnetic closures, penholders, adjustable straps, key chain clasps, and plenty of room for all the important things a busy woman carries.

Emily Ironi

Based in Los Angeles, Ironi used her vast sales and marketing experience to successfully launchthe Alexis Hudson brand in 2005, selling it to the country’s most influential retailers. Ironi’s tenacious salesmanship led to instant visibility, propelling the Alexis Hudson brand into the top tier of the upscale accessories market. Under her direction, sales and distribution of the brand continue to exceed expectations, enabling the company to grow beyond the founders’ wildest dreams.

ahbag2.jpgWhatever the style, each new bag in the collection upholds the clean sensibility Alexis Hudson has become known for. Alexis Hudson handbags can be found at Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus, Intermix, Big Drop and Verve in NY, Blue Bee in Santa Barbara, Metier, Heidi Says and Dish in San Francisco, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, Halls, Corsa, the Montage Resort and internationally at the infamous Harvey Nichols and in Japan at United Arrows.



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  1. Question: Why do bag designers constantly drop celebrity names & heiress , when celebs only make up 3% of young wealthy people and old monied heiress make up less than 9%. ? Just a question. ?

    Moving on… nice bags though!

  2. I Love the bags! As for your question Pam, I think it is because celebs and social heiresses sell bags. It’s always been that way, the best way to sell a bag is to have a celeb seen with it. (Or to have it on Bag Snob!)

  3. ppl always get influenced by what celebs carry, rich or poor. Because they can afford luxuries like these, I’m guessing rich ppl are actually more influenced by what celebs are carrying.

  4. But thats not true . Celebs sell bags in a short run but in the long run they kill brands. Trust . Victoria B was begged to stop wearing gucci about 3 years ago because she was “killing ” the brand. Read Portfolio by conde naste it tells all this.