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Bioelements Vitalization Body Creme


I love Bioelements, their Kerafole mask is the best thing ever made! So of course anything new that Bioelements comes out with I am going to be excited. Well even with all the hype, they deliver. The Vitalization Body Creme is an intense moisturizer for the entire body, it has 10 pure botanical oils, shea butter and antioxidants like red tea and beta-caratene. How much do I love this? Forget pump dispensers, I love the jar because this is the kind of stuff you want to dig your hands into and slather all over liberally and lavishly. The scent is nothing short of heavenly, I carry this from bedroom to living room to office all day long because I can’t get enough of it! We all have a bathroom full of body moisturizers that work relatively well, I mean, it makes your skin non-dry for the most part, but this stays with you and hydrates you through the night. It is not greasy, the texture is mouse-like and like I said, the smell is ridiculously amazing. You know how you feel when you leave the spa? Well, that’s how this make me feel. I love that the entire house flows with the scent making me really feel like I am at the spa. Unfortunately, you have to make an initial trip there because this is only available at select spas and salons.



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  1. I love this stuff. I’m lucky that my salon has Bioelements, I’m in college and have been using their products pretty much since middle school. It’s worth every dollar spent.

  2. I was given a sample and immediately bought a whole container! You’re right — all the hype and finally a cream delivers. LOVE IT!