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Chantecaille Bio-Lift Concealer


Always multi-task when you can! This totally ingenious concealer from Chantecaille is a staple in my life. I used to have this system of using concealer and blending it with an eye gel to get a more natural look. Why go through all that trouble when you don’t have to? Well, I don’t and no one else should either. This concealer has the Stress Repair eye cream infused in the center. It not only give you all the benefits of the amazing anti-wrinkle cream that I live by, it helps to blend in the concealer for a softer appearance. You cannot go wrong here because not only are you saving time and effort, this concealer is only $65 and the eye cream is $170. If you are not in serious need of wrinkle repair and are only looking for prevention, this is all you need. Give your eyes a brightening boost and cover your bases on eye care all in one fell swoop. At Neiman Marcus for $65

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0 thoughts on “Chantecaille Bio-Lift Concealer”

  1. Hi Anne,

    This is different from the YSL touche eclat, it actually has the eye cream in the center so you get two benefits in one!


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