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Chloe Freja Clutch


What did I say about clutches coming in all shapes and sizes for Spring? Now this is definitely something interesting and breathes new hope for me for the House of Chloe. This took some ingenuity and a serious designer brain, thus my unmitigated excitement. Clutches are meant as a show piece so the functionality doesn’t need to be totally there the way a tote does. With this on your arm, the message to the world is definitely “out” of the box, whatever your views may be. I love that it shows such personality and individuality, which is so hard with bags because only a handful of designers continually make good bags so even when you walk around with a fabulous Birkin or a YSL, you are not exactly displaying individual flair. You look damn good but just not all that original. Well, this is a Chloe so you aren’t exactly being obscure here with this clutch, but at least it shows you’ve got some rebellious hormones left in you from teenage-hood. This can also be worn with your hand slipped through the middle fold (a la Prada). The small, shown here, is $1300 and will be available in February. There is a larger size that will retail between $2300-$2800 by order only. I’m thinking the larger size would be more appropriate for wearing your hand through, unless you have exceptionally small hands. For more info contact Gabrial at the Chloe store in New York (212) 717-8220.



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  1. I am strangely attracted to this clutch, it’s so different but not in an obnoxious way. I find it interesting and exciting in design. A piece of fashion art if you will.

  2. My first time posting…I recently purchased the Ferragamo pheasant clutch(with removable tortoise shoulder strap.) Was this a good investment? Either way, I love it….