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Dior Gypsy Bag


I have always had romantic (and somewhat delusional) notions of Gypsies, I imagined the life of a Gypsy to be glamorous and adventurous and the idea of waking up in a new city each week especially appealed to me (which I practiced throughout my 20’s) until I had a child. Though I no longer crave the roaming lifestyle of a Gypsy, I still love what I consider “Gypsy” style accessories; a big stack of clanging gold bangles, long flowing skirts with layers of delicate chains around the waist, ruffled tops tipped just so on the shoulders to show a bit of glowing skin, and of course big gold hoop earrings. However, I have never, in all the years of being fascinated with Gypsies, imagined a Gypsy bag to look like this. Hoochie… yes, but Gypsy… no. Tacky ’80s… yes, but Gypsy… no. I think you are getting my point. Some of you will balk at me and say it is creative, as in take Britney Spears’ red lace tap pants and turn it in to a bag? Uh… No thanks. 13″ x 8.5″, $1950 – Dior Handbags at eLuxury.



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  1. This has got to be one of the ugliest handbags I have ever seen in my life. It looks like something a kindergarten child would make at Arts and Crafts Time!

  2. Creatively hideous, maybe. Why buys this rubbish? And what buyer at Neiman Marcus saw that tacky thing and thought that its day had come?

  3. maybe with a brown peasant skirt and a denim jacket…nah!!! but seriously, don’t scare me like that tina…when i started reading your commentary, i was so scared that you might actually like this fugtastic bag!

  4. Maybe it was a custom order for Britney, mercifully commissioned by her attorney so she’ll always have believable, stand-in underwear handy in case the tabloid cameras once again are primed to capture her beleaguered, hyperactive nether regions in full birthday-suit mode.

  5. Tina, your memories of past Gypsy love from yesteryear are taking me back to Sixth grade when that look was all the rage. As to this bag, Gypsy no. Mashup of Holly Hobby and Hoochie? Yes.

  6. one, i’m not a big fan of lace on anything besides lingerie.

    two, this is more tacky cowgirl than gypsy definitely.

    three, Dior? what? are you kidding me? and it costs almost $2000? I could find something just as hideous at any teen clothing store for $30 or less.

  7. I like it, its nice and cheerful and friendly. I would wear it during the summer with a long white cotton summer dress, a colorful shawl and big hoop earrings! Now carrying a tamborine with be taking it too far, lol! But yes I would use this bag.

  8. Bleargh! What a horrible waste of time and materials! Actually, if you turned it upside down, you could wear it as a weird French maid-esque bonnet :P.

  9. i think it is a happy bag, maybe even to wear to the beach, you are all so hard on the design, is cheerful! and really are you surprise dior came up with these? this is probably why i love dior because of the different themes they are willing to approach.