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Dior “Babe” Vanity


A little bit Jackie O. but in the way that this might be a better fit for someone born on the same year as her? I do agree that this is a classically designed bag, very lady like, white glove wearing and perhaps a pill box hat – ya know, like Jackie. But I have a hard time with the fact that is so, how do I put it delicately…… extremely old lady-ish. My SA at Neiman’s was trying to tell me that it is ultimately chic for a young girl to carry such a “classic” (ie “mature”) bag. Yeah, sure a 22 year old has nothing to worry about and it would be terribly chic for a young chick to get swanky with this Dior, but when you’re on the cusp of “mature”, I would not take the risk. There is one thing about this bag that made me stop to fancy, for a full 10 minutes. The top part opens up to reveal a mirror that is the entire width of the bag (thus, Vanity Bag). The flap that opens up has elastic bands for lipstick, pens or cigarette holders? This was of extreme interest to me. I love the idea of a substantial size mirror on the bag, like it suddenly becomes a cosmetic trunk! It also comes with a handy coin pouch. This is going to be a big bag for Dior. It comes in this golden metallic, black and a fuschia fit for Valentine’s Day (but that’s about it) – sold at eLuxury for $3360. There is a natural python with gold trim and a brown crocodile, I will update with prices when they release it.

UPDATE: The python is $6,500. The crocodile is $26,000 and comes in black, pink, white, orange, baby blue. Hardly worth it for the croc if you ask me. What are you going to do with a $26,000 pink croc bag?



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