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Majorica Pearls

When I first entered SMU, I thought my mother was kidding when she said that I would need every strand of pearls I had ever owned once I arrived on campus. It didn’t take me long to find out that she was far from kidding. Women on SMU’s campus wear pearls with their sorority jerseys and blue jeans (which often accompanies a faint smell of hard liquor left over from the night before). I never quite bought into the whole pearls and blue jeans look but I must admit that there is something enchanting about the combination. This is why I love this necklace by Majorica. It is a pearl hanging on a sterling silver chain which encompasses, in one fail swoop, my love of the delicate look of pearls against the contrasting look of metal. Perhaps I am an SMU pearl snob at heart after all. Majorica Coin Pearl Pendant Necklace, $125.00,


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  1. Lovely necklace, perfect for us college girls who can’t shell out the big $$ but don’t want to look totally slob. I also love the pearls and jeans- I wore them last night (with a football jersey, of course) for the big Super Bowl party.

  2. This is so true about SMU, my cousin just started there and she was explaining this phenomenon to me. Being from California we don’t have many opportunities to wear pearls. So for her birthday I went searching for pearl necklace for her and I discovered a website called great product and totally affordable. Another good option if you’re looking for pearls and don’t want to blow a ton of cash on them.