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Kara Ross Ebony Hinged Cuffs


I am a die hard city girl and when I first moved to Texas I had a really hard time adjusting to the cows and horses that seem to roam at will everywhere I turn. I remember my first visit to a Texan ranch for a bar-b-que; a snake dangled from a tree in front of me and I screamed for about 10 minutes frozen in horror before running for my car and refusing to get out the entire afternoon, leaving my husband and his friends laughing. I am also terrified of creepy crawly things that accompany nature walks, my theory is: why walk in the woods when a stroll down 5th Ave is just as good (not that there aren’t any creeps there but at least I get to shop). I have never gone camping either and never plan to. Why camp out when The Four Seasons has nice and comfy beds and you can order room service instead of being room service to some grizzly bear!?!? I do enjoy the beach, but only at a resort where I am guaranteed a bottle of champagne/water/wine whenever I please. So you see, I am not a nature girl. In fact, the closest thing I get to nature is through my accessories. Like the gorgeous wood bangles accented with semi-precious stones – pink topaz, peridot and aquamarine from Kara Ross above. Simple and chic, a stack of these will perk up any outfit and you won’t risk any kind of harm or injury. Kara Ross Bracelets at Vivre



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  1. Funny, I’ve always wondered which of you is Jewel Snob, should have known 🙂

    I am not into nature either. Shopping and spa is much nicer.