Louis Vuitton for Kids


Well, not really for kids, but who else would wear this bag?! Here is the full review from Bag Snob Tina…Apparently there is no end to the barrage of atrocious bags from Louis Vuitton. But let’s be fair here for a minute, I do appreciate the attempt at creativity with the LV monogram – which clearly MJ himself is sick of. And the overall design of the bags is not completely heinous (I prefer the shape of the smaller one on the right), now stick on a couple of cutsey but useless plastic buttons, stitch the monogram in yellow on top of all of Barbie’s favorite colors and you have a bag totally suitable for Jemina, our very chic 7 year old God-daughter. Unfortunately the 4 figure price tag will not go over so well with her mother but her Grandmere might be persuaded. Available this Spring. Louis Vuitton available online at eLUXURY.com

2 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton for Kids

  1. genobia on said:

    That bag is so cute its making want a girl

  2. Where can i find these bags???

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