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Louis Vuitton Mahina, the Verdict


Dear Tina and Kelly, is simply awesome! Your verdicts are dead right and the sense of humor always makes us smile! Believe it or not, you are THE style queens who have a great influence on all our bag purchases… 🙂 Could I ask you for a huge favor? My cousin and I do not like or buy LV at all, but the only bag that has caught our attention is the Mahina. The stores have been pushing it as a classic, but we look to you for advice. If one were to own only one LV bag (we absolutely hate the monogram canvas) could it possibly be this one? In other words, does it have your stamp of approval?

Wish you a wonderful and successful 2008 !


Rhea & Pia

Dear Rhea and Pia,

Thank you for supporting us, it is readers like you who make it fun for us! As for the LV Mahina, I will concede that the bag itself has all the trappings of a classic. The comfortable hobo shape and drop on the top of the bag appeals to my practical side. I do like the sumptuous size and appreciate the meticulous etchings of the LV monogram on the leather. The Mahina style does make it different than the dreadful original monogram but unfortunately, it is still a bag full of monograms which we do not like. I ask myself why they don’t just make their bags in plain leather, but then again, I am not their customer and that is why they will never try to appeal to my taste. Is this better than a monogram canvas? Well, yes and no, leather obviously gives it value but it also jacks up the price to $3750 in this case. By itself, I could possibly endorse this bag but considering the price the answer is a definitive NO. You said it yourself, you do not love the LV Monogram so why would you spend almost 4 grand on one? If it still moves you, it is available at eluxury, it is currently sold out, which doesn’t surprise me, but their boutiques will have it in stock.


The Bag Snobs



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  1. agreed! at the end of the day, it’s still monogrammed, and if you don’t like LV, don’t waste your money. for 4K, you could get an amazing python or ostrich bag.

  2. That’s what I love about your advice, Bag Snobs: although you value the design and the look of various bags, you’re also incredibly practical!

    You’re right, for 4K, there are tons of much more beautiful and covetable bags.

  3. Oh please, are you seriously going to let 2 people you don’t know dictate your bag purchase? I like this blog a lot, and often, but not always, agree with their selections, but that is a bit ridiculous. If YOU like the bag, and YOU are spending YOUR money, then the the only person involved in the buying decision should be you. The bag should be for your pleasure, not for what other people will think or say.

    If you like LV, buy yourself an LV bag. Why do you care so much what other people think about your purchase? You should buy WHATEVER you buy solely for your own enjoyment.

    No offense, but asking the question makes you sound really shallow.

  4. Dear Kelly and Tina…

    A big thanks to both of you for your ever genuine advice !

    I logged on today to find an answer to my dilemma… 🙂

    The Verdict was spot on… I will save the cash for another bag.

    James, Julie, Anne, Becks… Thank you all for your valuable comments !



  5. I love this bag. It’s super soft and light. The size is perfect. I’m not crazy about the price or the colors. I really believe it should be around the $2,200 range. However, if you love it and it feels right to you, then get it. All that matters in the end is how you feel when you’re wearing it, not what everyone else thinks.

  6. I saw this bag in the window in the LV store in Vienna and it literally stopped me in my tracks. However they only had one and it was sold. I nipped into the LV Manchester shop when i got home and asked them to order it and was told it was a special winter limited edition and that a) they were no longer making them in cream and b) the entire company’s stock had sold out. They only have grey and black so good luck if you really want one…

  7. A couple of things about the mahina that were not mentioned. First there are two sizes – the XL (which is the smaller more popular size) that now retails for $3100 (used to be $2980 before yesterdays price increase) and the mahina XXL which now retails for $3900. I think before judgment is rendered we should have our facts straight. The XL mahinas have been nearly impossible to get- especially in black. The boutiques cannot keep them in stock. Owning a black mahina xl- I can honestly say that it is a beautiul bag. I live in NYC and people always compliment me on. I believe it is a classic bag.

  8. Rhea & Pia,

    I have just seen LV’s spring summer leather goods collection and I would recommend the Speedy in pale pink ostrich – this bag is seriously to die for! Check it out! By the way this bag in no way resembles the original “speedy”…I haven’t coveted a LV bag for many years but I love the candy coloured bags they have on offer this spring/summer – I will definitely be buying both their ready to wear and bags this season!

  9. I’m no LV monogram fan myself, but I do consider patterns a timeless element of design. This bag in white with gold accents is very tasteful, and I love the etched details. I’d have to say that this is the first LV bag that has caught my attention when I first saw it. I love the shape, style, and overall quality.

    If money was no object, I would spring for this bag, but unfortunately 4k is a lot for something I believe should cost half that.

  10. I have been debating the purchase of the mahina xl for months, and finally brought one home todsy. It is as perfect as I had hoped. This is the most money that I have ever spent on an LV, Gucci, or Chloe bag, but feel no regrets. I am 5’11” tall, and this bag is perfect for my tall frame. order on eluxury to avoid sales tax!!!!

  11. Well….I do own this bag and must say to those that don’t like monogramed handbags, you would still love this bag. The monogram LV is softly etched all over the bag and is quite stunning. If you are not familiar with the bag nor the designer, you wouldn’t even know it’s an LV! It is sooooooooo comfortable to carry (I have the XXL) both on the shoulder and strangely enough in your hand! It’s light-weight which also is interesting as it’s made of leather, yet the styling still affords softness. I have it in black and got it early in the season as I knew it would be a hit! I just love it!

  12. Hello Mjdez, Poshhoney, Manbag, Deena, Anonymous, Miffy, Dee and Hanna… Thank you all for the interesting opinions !

    ( I was out of town when you guys posted ! Hence the late reply… )

    I just caught up with all the new posts at Bagsnob, and went back to this page to find so many new comments ! Lovely !

    Well… Just a couple of days ago my husband surprised me with the XL Mahina in black ! ( I cannot believe he bought it as both he and I do not like LV at all… ) I have used it once, and it did get a few glances… !!!!

    However, I have two things to say –

    1. It is the only LV bag I think I like. Well, almost… 🙂

    2. Any bag bought with love is special !

    And thanks to Tina & Kelly, my present to me is still due !



  13. Hi everyone. I have finally decided to buy a Mahina, but am debating the colour. I absolutely adore the white, but worry about how dirty it is going to get. Does anyone have the white and how has it been for you? How often do you use it?


  14. Hi Natalie !

    I agree with ManBag ! The etchings on black do not show up as much as the white, and that is why I like my Mahina – XL Black !

    My aunt has the XXL in white, and every time she takes it out, she’s afraid to stain or scratch it ! I’m afraid it needs a bit more care… 🙂

    Go for the XL in black ! I am a 5’4 and thin and I tried the XXL the first time I saw it… It is really huge, unless of course you are 5’10 / 6’00 tall !

    I am not an LV fan at all, but this bag is good !

    Have a great weekend, happy shopping !

    XoX Rhea.

  15. Hi Natalie !

    I just called my aunt !

    She says she’s rather careful with it, specially the bottom !

    She’s been using it 10 days in a month… 🙂 and has had it for over five months now… XoX Rhea.

  16. Monogram or not I love LV. LV is LV no matter what other people say. Other people don’t like it but the fact that it does not go on sale ever is a BIG proof that LV is THE brand.

  17. I have the XXL and I absolutely LOVE IT! The leather is soft, it has a light feel and its a very classy and elegant bag, despite its extremely large size. I have it in blacks and the LV monogram is not very prominent unless light is shinning directly on it. I am very pleased with this bag, although I do agree that the price is a little bit outrageous. I’d love to get it in white but I am afraid it will get dirty. They have a denim version as well that will go great with jeans. This bag is a must have, everywhere I go people complement me on the bag and stare it awe. I’m happy with my purchase.

  18. I have the XXL in white and I just love love love it!! tho It was so hard to get my lil hands on out here in small town Canada! I use it often and have to date been able to keep it in good condition. You can never go wrong with LV.

  19. Hi Poshhoney

    When was the cream-coloured Mahina released? Eager to know. Do you have a photo of it? I can’t one on the web.


  20. Hi all, just wondering for those of you that already bought mahina, does the adjustable strap on both sides seemed to wear out easily?? I went to the LV store yesterday and had a look the bag, but found that the adjustable straps (on the bottom) are curled up. (if u know what i mean).

    I really loveeeeee this bag but is it worth the price??

  21. I have made several purchases and then later checked this site for opinions- often the reviews were on track.

    I do own several LV bags, however as my collection has grown to include Jimmy Choo( my absolute favorite) and Chanel, etc- I tend to be a bt turned off to considering LV when it comes time to make an addition to my bag collection. Living in South Fl, there are so many knock offs I would prefer getting a to die for bag that I can enjoy as opposed to having knock offs of my bag on every shoulder in town.I have never been a big fan as I feel many of the bags can be dates once the season passes.

    We were in Neiman’s and were checking out the Prada and Gucci collections( yawn) and decided to pop into LV as he likes the ties.

    My fiance bought me the LV Mahina (Large)bag in biscuit today for an early bd present.I have to admit- the bag is stunning.I was drawn to it as soon as I entered the store- The leather is creamy and delicious, the size is perfect- the XL bag I tried and decided to pass on as it was too big( this was even before I looked at the price, so the objective was a result of personal preference as opposed to cost factor).I am 5’5 126 lbs, so I felt the Large size is a good fit.I would not recommend the XL size unless you truly enjoy the look of a much larger bag or are a taller women.I was considering the Jimmy Choo ring bag as a possible alternative, however this bag is very elegent, classy and will be considered a classic piece unlike some of the other LV styles that have turned me off in the past.The black was also nice, however I currently own the Jimmy Choo Alex bag( black pony) and am literally stopped by randon people( men and women who comment on what a gorgeous bag it is).I would highly recomend this bag for someone looking for a great stand out bag.

    Now, regarding cost.Is the Mahina bag expensive? Of course.With tax the bag was around $2900 plus.Could I have gotten a better bag for the price? Perhaps, but the bag is one I love and will enjoy for many years to come. I would advise if you are in a position to spend the money, go ahead. If it is out of your budget, I am sure they are many alternatives out there.

    The bag is truly beautiful and will enjoy it for years to come!

  22. What does everyone think about the Surya? My husband recently purchased the XL Surya in Gray as a birthday gift for me but now I’m having second thoughts…I am a petite woman and wonder if I’ll look funny carrying such a big bag :/

    My other option would be the L Mahina in Elephant Gray – both are beatiful bags, but the Surya stands out more next to the Mahina.

    I hate being so indecisive! Help!

  23. @ Mee, I didn’t see ur post b4 I wrote mine and 2 answer ur Q, I prefer the surya, I’m 6’1 and I have it in xxl black and its really cool, anoda thing, some men seem 2 know wat looks better on a woman just like my husband so I say go for the one he got 4 u, u can change 4 a smaller size but keep d color and style…

  24. Totally love the Mahina!!! If only they came out first, this would be the one monogram LV bag for me. New colours Mahogany and Cognac for Sept 2009 doesn’t appeal to me tho. I still prefer the Spring 2009 colour releases although heard some of the Spring colours are being discontinued? I hope not!!!

  25. I ended up getting the Mahina L in Chocolate and totally love it. Still an under the radar bag as the monogram is hard to see unless you are very up close. Am thinking of getting another one in a different colour. Tried on both the L and XL at the store and XL was definitely too big for a petite person like me. L was the perfect size – the size is very similiar to the Monogram Galliera PM for those who have one and is curious to know of the difference. Thumbs up for this bag for sure!!! The weird thing is, I don’t see too many of them out on the street at all even tho they are considered to be sold out from time to time.

  26. Ok, most of us agree that $2K-$4k is toooo much to spend on a bag. Does anyone recommend any of the replicas? I like the design of the bag, not much care about impressing anyone, but have to have the quality of the LV Mahina L?

    Any recommendations?

  27. i own the XXL mahina in cream.. and it’s a very very stunning bag even if u’re not a LV fan cuz of the monogram cuz it’s not really obvious unless u go close to insepct the bag.. it doesnt take much to care for the bag unless u’re those that enjoy leaving ur bags on the floor..den maybe a white is not for u..

    i bought it at 5 grand here in australia but it’s a timeless piece and it goes well with any dressing. it may seem horribly expensive, but it’s a bag that u’ll well and truly value!!

  28. Just found this string and have to add my two cents: I am a “bag lady” and find I am drawn to certain ones for certain reasons. I have the Mahina L in both noir and gris (the lt. ed. brun-gris) and both feel unbelievable! The laser micro perf design is both subtle and understated. I got noir first, for practical reasons (I write that tongue-in-cheek as no bag for +/- 3K is “practical”) and then I simply fell in love with the gris. She came home for my bday last summer:)

    If you are blessed to be able, go ahead and indulge in the Mahina. Pick a color, any color, and fall in love yourself!

  29. I just got the Mahina L in Noir and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Just the right mix of everything – totally luxe and totally recommended!

  30. Poshhoney,

    I purchased this bag the minute it came out

    in the color that is bronze but more silver. I

    would like to sell it if you have any interest. It

    was worn maybe a handful of times, but I have

    so many bags that I have begun to sell tge good

    ones that I m no longer using. I have my eye on

    an hermes messenger. Let me know if you have any

    interest. It is as gorgeous and yummy feeling as

    the compliments you receive while wearing it.

    U can email me at