ModelCo Lash and Brow Stimulator

My mother is always trying to find new ways to make her lashes thicker. I think she hopes to wake up one day with lashes like Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind. She’s tried tattooing, dying, and various serums in order to make her lashes thicker but to no avail. Unfortunately, all of the self-inflicted torture have also made her lashes thinner. This ModelCo Lash and Brow Growth Stimulator could be the answer to her eyelash dreams. It conditions and restores existing hair while encouraging hair growth. Best of all, she will see results within 14 days! There’s hope for Mama’s eyelash dreams yet! ModelCo Lash and Brow Growth Stimulator, $42.00,

3 thoughts on “ModelCo Lash and Brow Stimulator

  1. Anonymous on said:

    will try this, does it work as well as jan marini?

  2. Beauty Snob on said:

    We will keep you posted as we test it out!

  3. Hopefully, this works AND dosen’t harm you like the Jane Marni one did. (I heard it could cause cancer?…)

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