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Poppie Couture for Spring!


Poppie Couture has an array of eye popping candy colored clutches for Spring that are way too yummy to pass up. Priced at $450 a piece, they won’t put much of a dent in your budget so you can splurge on the darling little white dresses from Fendi, Dior or Derek Lam. This has been a very long and dreary Winter and I am so ready for bright fun colors again! My bag wardrobe has everything from a cheery yellow Smythson ostrich bag to a bright blue Hermes birkin (and an orange ostrich birkin on the way, I was in desperate need of sunshine so I treated myself!) but I am missing a hot pink clutch for the many beach parties I plan on attending this summer(with a wide brimmed hat and lots of sunscreen of course). fendiwhitedress128.jpgThe foldover clutches are easy to pack and easy to use, it’s the grab and go anywhere/do anything fun bag! Poppie Couture has long been a favorite of Hollywood actresses including Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston (who scooped up 10 to give as Christmas gifts!) and Faith Hill and now she’s taking over the Big Apple with a sold out collection at Bergdorf Goodman! Go to her website for more colors and leathers or check Bergdorf’s for the latest shipments.


10 thoughts on “Poppie Couture for Spring!

  1. cheap, chic, and fun clutches! fendi dresses are the best!!!

  2. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    I LOVE Fendi dresses! they are my staples each season. I ordered the white one on the bottom right. Karl Lagerfeld is my hero when it comes to fabulous frocks (and modern day Chanel jackets :)

  3. I’ve received more compliments on this bag than any other I own. Employees from Scoop to Intermix ask me where I got it. People stop me in the street to ask me about it. It is the perfect size. I have the indigo blue and black croc…love them both! I’m headed to Bergdorf now to try and score a hot pink. I want to use that bad boy before summer.

  4. These clutches f—ing rock the house!!!!!!

  5. OMG!!!! I love ALL the colored ones!!! They are delicious!! I saw this bag on kristopherdukes site and ordered a selection as Valentine gifts for my girlfriends. I got the orange, purple and the yellow. I was going crazy over the colors. Poppie…. the purses are great. You really have a great season ahead of you. Bummer is, now I am not sure I can give any of them away.

  6. I am getting the orange and the pink clutches for the summer. Does the white one look as good as the others? Need an inexpensive white clutch. Agree on Fendi dresses, perfect for the summer.

  7. Tina- please share photos of your new orange ostrich birkin!

  8. i love this but i like the marc jacobs clutch like this much better! although it is twice the price it looks like it too

  9. You fashionistas really know your bags! Check out tomorrow’s Life and Style magazine for the purple patent clutch by poppie couture. You heard it here first! Seems to be all about Purple and all about Poppie Couture.

  10. Melissa on said:

    Tina, just got this one in purple to wear with a pretty bright yellow dress!

    Thanks for the tip. I remembered even after all this time!

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