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Shoe Snob Fab Shoe Alert! Christian Louboutin Mini Bout

Every girl needs a pair of chic and basic black pumps like the Christian Louboutin Mini Bouts. These are sold out in the United States so grab a pair while you can! Net-a-Porter will ship to anywhere in the world! I’d go half a size up in these, I just got a pair and they are quite narrow! Louboutin slingbacks will run true to size but the pumps are a bit of a squeeze 🙂 I love all of my YoYo slingbacks (abou thalf a dozen pairs) but I can’t wear them much during the winter because I like wearing tights. The Mini Bout pumps are more functional because I can wear them all year long. Plus the tiny spot of red at the toe is just so sexy! Also available in chocolate. Why not get both while you can!?!?!? Christian Louboutin Mini Bout pumps- $730



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