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WWD: Beauty’s Big Bloggers



Our sister site, Beauty Snob, is listed in WWD’s Top Ten Beauty Blogs in the world! Thank you to Michelle Edgar of WWD and to our friend, Julia Coney of All About the Pretty for the outreach.


Complete article here.

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9 thoughts on “WWD: Beauty’s Big Bloggers”

  1. Congrats to you as well. Thanks to you and Kelly for your continued support. Hopefully one day soon I will get to meet her. I still need to visit you in Dallas.

  2. Thanks All!

    Beauty Snob was started because we are totally obsessed with skincare – we really did not expect it to gain the readership it has because there are so many beauty blogs out there (and really good ones too like the sites included on the top 10 list- Beauty Addict, Bella Sugar, etc).

    We are very lucky to have the support of our readers, peers and the media. Thank you all again for allowing us the opportunity to share our love of bags, beauty, tots and jewels with you.


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