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YSL Spring 2008 – The Majorelle

Update: This ultra chic bag is named the “Majorelle”, after Yves St. Laurent’s house in Morocco, it is also the name of a garden. It comes in 3 sizes: Large (17″x11″) $1,495, Medium (15″x11″) $1,395, Small (12″x9″) $1,295. Colors: White, Black,Camel,Sea blue,Magenta


This is one of the hottest bags I have seen for Spring ’08! So we are a bit biased towards YSL but you have to admit they are right on target when it comes to stylish and versatile bags! The frame on the top of the bag keeps it structured and ladylike but the overall slouchy appeal is totally snob worthy and will hold my daily necessities without making me feel like Bozo the Clown(you may have noticed I am all about classics with a twist)! I love how the top unzips all the way around the bag so you don’t have to squeeze your hand in hoping to find your wallet or iPhone, you will be able to see all the contents of your bag whenever you wish! Perfect details like the golden bar closure and YSL tags will ensure that you look like a fashion insider, not a fashion victim. A ladylike bag that rivals the Hermes Kelly Bag, this is on top of my list for best bag of Spring ’08. It is also available in multiple colors so those of you who fear pale colored bags can wait for the gray or black version. More details to come later. At YSL boutiques- call Fatima to order- 310-271-4110. You can also find YSL at Saks!




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  1. Yes,yes,yes -I´m totally in love with the YSL bags.I guess -had I the money I´d completely focus on this brand. Style is never out of fashion and YSL makes this very clear!

  2. Just got to see the LÓfficiel 1000 accessories magazine,where there were more YSL s/s bags. Fantastic! I especially liked the big multicolored tote with a blue handle.When and where could these bags be available?I´ll start saving right now.

  3. This is a must have for the season I am sure of it. The Yves Saint Laurent boutique will have it available around late march.

    Those of you with the “I’ll think about it” and/or ” well now i know what it looks like now, i’ll come back….”

    will surely miss out as usual.

    Reserves are out for the bag. I have my name down…the list is already long so call or go in quick ladies!

    I recommend Ligia and or Fatima

  4. To Bag Envy: Yes, it comes in black patent..I’m going neutral myself, name down for the ivory and black..can’t wait to see them when they come in!!

  5. can white bag get dirty, I am debating between black and white (ivory), too afraid that marks on white will note come off