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Dear Beauty Snob,

I work in the city and have to commute from Connecticut daily. My days begin quite early (sometimes 5 am!) in order to be in the office by 7:30 so basically it is still dark when I put on my make up. My problem is my foundation and powder that seem perfect in my bathroom sometimes look too thick when I get to the office and see it in the daylight. Without resorting to washing my face at the office when this happens, what can I do?


Early Riser

Dear Early Riser,

We have all had the same problem at one time or another! I am sure you are still groggy at that hour and the art of blending probably escapes you! The next time you feel that your foundation or powder is too heavy, spritz it with a little water or toner (I like Shu Uemura Depsea Water toners) and lightly sponge off with a tissue. Your foundation will stay in tact but look moist and glow-y, not heavy.


Beauty Snob



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  1. I love Shu Uemura! I have the green depsea water, will try your recommendation.

    I’d like to applaud you for sticking to stories that make women beautiful and real life problems. It seems all the beauty blogs I am reading lately are reporting on runway beauty stuff for fall which is getting quite boring as everyone has access to those photos on

    Keep up the good work Snob! I trust and love your advice, ever since your 12 step nightly routine I have been a fan!

  2. I will try this, I am heavyhanded when it comes to powder and always regret it when I get in my car and look in my vanity mirror.

    And I echo Anne’s comment, love your advice for practical everyday beautifying 🙂 I really could care less what they are putting on 17 year old models on the runways