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Bag Snob Pop Quiz – Feb. 25, 2008

UPDATE: Congrats to Shareen! This is Paris Hilton!!!

alexishudsonclutch2.jpgHappy Monday everyone! We just re-stocked our supply of Bag Hooks and will be posting a pop quiz every Monday at 9am EST for a fun and easy way to win the coveted Bag Snob Bag Hook (which we will also be selling on the site very soon!) Who is this “famous for being famous” celeb carrying the super fabulous Alexis Hudson Champagne Clutch in Gunmetal Croco? Here is a hint: we don’t make fun of her because she has great bags (in Bag Snob world, having a great bag wardrobe means you get pardoned for all the other crimes in your life). Leave your answers in comments. US residents only please- One entry per person! We will do a random drawing of the correct answers (so everyone will have a fair chance at winning!) at the end of Friday (Feb 29th) at 11:59pm EST and announce the winner over the weekend.


Photo of ‘celeb’ courtesy of Alexis Hudson

121 thoughts on “Bag Snob Pop Quiz – Feb. 25, 2008

  1. Non other then PARIS HILTON.

  2. Paris Hilton of course!

  3. paris hilton

  4. Paris Hilton

  5. Paris Hilton!

  6. Paris Hilton

  7. Paris Hilton

  8. Anonymous on said:

    Paris Hilton

  9. paris hilton

  10. Anonymous on said:

    paris hilton

  11. melanie weltman on said:

    Paris Hilton. Like the clutch.

  12. Paris Hilton!

  13. Paris Hilton

  14. paris hilton!

  15. paris hilton

  16. “The not-so heiress anymore” Paris Hilton.

  17. paris hilton

  18. paris hilton

  19. Shareen Lee on said:

    Paris Hilton!

  20. Paris Hilton!

  21. Paris Hilton

  22. Paris Hilton!

  23. Paris Hilton. Fab bag!

  24. paris hilton

  25. Paris Hilton

  26. Paris Hilton

  27. Sharyn Felton on said:

    Paris Hilton.

  28. Paris Hilton

  29. paris hilton

  30. Paris Hilton =p

  31. Paris Hilton

  32. Paris Jailbird Hilton! :P

  33. Paris Hilton

  34. Paris Hilton! I need a bag hook…..Please!

  35. who else but Miss Paris Hilton!!!! =)

  36. Paris Hilton!

  37. Paris Hilton

  38. Paris Hilton

  39. Paris Hilton.


  41. Paris Hilton

  42. Paris Hilton!

  43. Paris Hilton

  44. Who else besides Paris Hilton?

  45. Ugh – Paris Hilton.

  46. Paris Hilton.

  47. Paris Hilton

  48. Paris hilton

  49. Paris Hilton

  50. paris hilton!

  51. christine on said:

    paris hilton

  52. it’s Paris Hilton

  53. emailaddress on said:

    Paris Hilton – too bad her taste only extends to her bags…

  54. Paris Hilton

  55. Paris Hilton

  56. Paris Hilton!!!

  57. Paris Hilton

  58. my new bag on said:

    Paris Hilton

    Glad you will sell the hooks online soon, you may remember I actually

    already bought one, and wish I had more to put in all

    my bags, and friends want them too!!

    My best,

    My New Bag

  59. Paris Hilton

  60. paris hilton

  61. Who else but …. Paris Hilton!

  62. Paris Hilton

  63. paris hilton

  64. Paris Hilton!

  65. paris hilton!

  66. Heather Lichtman on said:

    Paris Hilton

  67. Ms. Paris Hilton

  68. Paris Hilton, ‘course

  69. jennifer parker-stanton on said:

    Paris Hilton

  70. Paris Hilton!

  71. Kerry Dougan on said:

    Paris Hilton

  72. Paris Hilton


  74. Paris Hilton

  75. Paris Hilton

  76. Jamie York on said:

    Paris Hilton… sigh.

  77. the one and only ms. paris Hilton

  78. Paris Hilton!

  79. Angel Zhou on said:

    Paris Hilton!

  80. paris hilton!

  81. PARIS HILTON, of course!

  82. Paris Hilton, of course!

  83. paris hilton

  84. Paris Hilton.

  85. Paris Hilton

  86. Paris Hilton!

  87. Dru Desai on said:

    Paris Hilton

  88. Paris Hilton

  89. Paris Hilton

  90. PARIS HILTON! who else??

  91. paris hilton!

  92. Paris Hilton:)

  93. Paris Hilton

  94. Paris Hilton!

  95. Kate Brown on said:

    Paris Hilton!

  96. Paris Hilton

  97. Paris Hilton!!

  98. Paris Hilton

  99. toni hill on said:

    Paris Hilton

  100. Jessica Barnes on said:

    Paris Hilton.

  101. Paris Hilton!!!!!

  102. Paris Hilton

  103. Paris Hilton

  104. Paris Hilton

  105. snob_wannabe on said:

    Paris Hilton of course

  106. Paris Hilton. Great bag, her…not so much.

  107. Paris Hilton

  108. Susan Householder on said:

    Paris Hilton, Love the stylish bag

  109. Paris Hilton… she does have some amazing bags, doesn’t she?!

  110. Jennifer Fitzgibbons on said:

    The bag lover, Paris Hilton of course!

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