Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner


I love Bobbi Brown and am besides myself with excitement to interview her at the Brian Reyes show this week in NY. We will have full backstage coverage but for now, something basic for everyday use that you will love. I used the Mac Paint Pot as eyeliner in my moment of desperation, which has worked well for me and I have grown to love gel liners. This one from Bobbi Brown was made exclusively for eye lining so the texture and consistency is absolutely perfect and does not require any additional fuss. It goes on easily in its gel form and will dry opaque and resistant to fading or smudging. It blends easily if you want smoky eyes and will go on as thick as you want it. At night I love a harsh opaque look for my eyes because they really need definition but during the day I want something softer. This eyeliner is able to create any look you want. But the best part is that it really is long lasting. No flaking or feathering, you will stay dramatic or demure, the way you intended all day and all night long. At Saks for $19. Comes in 13 different colors, my favorite is of course black but you can get really great effects with the Graphite Shimmer Ink.

5 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

  1. The gel liners actually come in 15 colors. Indigo and Mahogany are the newest.

  2. Definitely looking forward to trying a gel liner! Thanks!!!

    xox Girl and the City (in Paris!)

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I love this and use the black daily!

  4. I absolutely love this eyeliner. It never smudges!

  5. I totally agree!!

    its just amazing but i hate its brush, u should try Sephora`s eyeliner brush its perfect with it!!

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