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Carolina Herrera Fall 2008


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This collection speaks directly to my fantasy of living the high life in the country, including the medieval jousting techno music. The everyday relaxed fur hoodie or fox hunting outfit is something that can translate to suburban life, (to get back to reality). Sure the Robin Hood feather hats are a bit much for the sidewalks of New York city but if you undo the spectacle for the runway, it actually is very wearable. And then of course Carolina goes all out on her dresses and gowns – so beautiful, full of the style and grace of the olden days. My absolute favorite is the rust and silver jacquard vest with feathers over the blue corseted gown. I love the masculine with the super feminine. She also has gowns and dresses that are all out lady-like glamour – the lemon-drop colored textured chiffon dress as well as the silk twill and chiffon print dress with the copper trims. The gown to drool over is the brown melange taffeta strapless gown with feathers. I don’t know how you will ever sit with the loose bow on your bum but it is by far the best look going down the runway. The entire collection stayed true and cohesive to her inspiration of the countryside with its riding outfits and elegant dinner gowns. It is always fun going to major shows like this with so much fanfare. I just wish I wasn’t so distracted by the lady sitting in front of me with the purple slinky head band. So strange.



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  1. You are so right, Herrera’s show was beautiful. But good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I saw that picture of the slinky headband.