Drew Barrymore: Cover Girl Beauty

drew32008.jpgMy favorite cover girl of the month is Drew Barrymore for Vogue. I actually did not recognize her at first glance but her high cheekbones and bedroom eyes gave her away even though the impossibly toned arms and long tresses are not her usual. She looked like she stepped out of a Bottecelli painting! The barely there wash of gold/bronze eyeshadow paired with shimmering rouge lip gloss is pure glamour. Try the look at home with the Cover Girl products Pat McGrath used on her- TruCheeks blush in No. 5, Eye Enhancers in Cafe au Lait, Outlast All-day Lipcolor in Ever Red-dy. outlasteverred-dy.jpg


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5 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore: Cover Girl Beauty

  1. love the look! Drew Barrymore is my favorite! Can’t wait to Check these shades out at cvs later. Drug store thrills right? Hehe

  2. She looks terribly airbrushed and not like herself! It’s no wonder you didn’t recognize her at first.

  3. She does look airbrushed but she is still gorgeous. I can’t believe that’s cover girl they used? Looks great.

  4. She looks beautiful, I really didn’t recognize her at first. What really strikes me is her skin. I’ll check out the products they used, but I’ll be quite surprised if they actually give the same effect in real life!

  5. violet_dagrinder on said:

    SO photoshopped.

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