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Check out who landed on the list of most powerful in fashion (along with Karl and Marc!)- my super fabulous friend Sasha Charnin Morrison, Fashion Director of US Weekly! She is seriously one of the most genuine and cool people I know (and a devoted mommy of adorable twins to boot!) but I had no idea how major she was cuz unlike me, she never brags about herself. Congrats Sasha, see you soon!


The Populist

Fashion Director: Us Weekly

At 43, the editrix whose dad wrote the lyrics to Annie thinks like she’s 25 and knows a trend when she sees one. Which is why, after six years at Allure, she bolted for—of all places—Us Weekly. Though it lacks hauteur, fashion flacks say landing a shot of a Simpson sister holding a label’s latest It bag in one of Morrison’s coveted red-carpet pages moves more merch than a full-page image in a highly art-directed Condé glossy. And when one of Morrison’s minions calls in a sample, even the most prickly of PR reps tells the messenger to hustle.



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  1. us magazine is the best! of all the celeb mags, I trust its stories most. the other ones are so unsavory! us magazine also has the best fashion section of the celeb mags and I have to admit I have bought many things your friend featured in the mag.

    on another note, I just got my copy and flipped to the last page to see what you had to say on fashion police =)

  2. Jeanette- I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a fan since Kelly bought me a subscription a few years back (she insisted we read the same celeb magazine in order to gossip efficiently)

    Thanks for your support!


  3. it is sad but true, we love celeb gawking… sigh… it’s so embarrassing but i get more excited over my us weekly than my vogue.

  4. Sasha rocks! I was so proud of her when she was at Allure and was in their Total Makeover feature. I am also not exactly a size 2 and applauded her bravery – it can’t be easy to expose yourself like that (especially being in the catty fashion industry) and she was just wonderful. She’s clearly a woman of great intelligence, taste and style and was an inspiration to me, I have to admit.