Fashion’s New Power Posse


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Check out who landed on the list of most powerful in fashion (along with Karl and Marc!)- my super fabulous friend Sasha Charnin Morrison, Fashion Director of US Weekly! She is seriously one of the most genuine and cool people I know (and a devoted mommy of adorable twins to boot!) but I had no idea how major she was cuz unlike me, she never brags about herself. Congrats Sasha, see you soon!


The Populist

Fashion Director: Us Weekly

At 43, the editrix whose dad wrote the lyrics to Annie thinks like she’s 25 and knows a trend when she sees one. Which is why, after six years at Allure, she bolted for—of all places—Us Weekly. Though it lacks hauteur, fashion flacks say landing a shot of a Simpson sister holding a label’s latest It bag in one of Morrison’s coveted red-carpet pages moves more merch than a full-page image in a highly art-directed Condé glossy. And when one of Morrison’s minions calls in a sample, even the most prickly of PR reps tells the messenger to hustle.

7 thoughts on “Fashion’s New Power Posse

  1. jeanette on said:

    us magazine is the best! of all the celeb mags, I trust its stories most. the other ones are so unsavory! us magazine also has the best fashion section of the celeb mags and I have to admit I have bought many things your friend featured in the mag.

    on another note, I just got my copy and flipped to the last page to see what you had to say on fashion police =)

  2. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Jeanette- I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a fan since Kelly bought me a subscription a few years back (she insisted we read the same celeb magazine in order to gossip efficiently)

    Thanks for your support!


  3. My girls: thanks for the post…really really special to me. xoxo

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I like that section in US magazine that compares designer stuff with deals.

  5. it is sad but true, we love celeb gawking… sigh… it’s so embarrassing but i get more excited over my us weekly than my vogue.

  6. ny_fashionista on said:

    Sasha rocks! I was so proud of her when she was at Allure and was in their Total Makeover feature. I am also not exactly a size 2 and applauded her bravery – it can’t be easy to expose yourself like that (especially being in the catty fashion industry) and she was just wonderful. She’s clearly a woman of great intelligence, taste and style and was an inspiration to me, I have to admit.

  7. celebs sell fashion, get us used to it. I for one love it.

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