Gerard Darel 36 Hour “Faro”


How stunning is this calf hair bag from Gerard Darel? It is one of my favorite moderate price brands and they continue to please with this beautiful, sleek and sophisticated everyday, every occasion carry all. This is truly the bag to get for those who don’t want trendy and don’t want to get caught up spending thousands on a soon to be irrelevant “editor’s” favorite. This is my Cheap Thrills pick for this week because it is only $995 for calf hair, although you are only saving cash because this baby is worth double its price in style. The shape is very similar to other Gerard Darel styles but I love the special leather panels on the sides, it is fluid and harmonious with the shape. I just got a calf hair bag last week and I am thinking of getting something else so I can have this one. This rounded, kind of hobo shape is so comfortable and easy to use that I would recommend this as the bag to get for those looking to get only one bag right now. Will be available starting today at Shop Rumor.

10 thoughts on “Gerard Darel 36 Hour “Faro”

  1. Hi! I am an italian girl who loves your blog and shares your ”hate” for louis vuitton’s monogrammed canvas! I bought a darel bag, the 24 hours in black, 2 and a half years ago. I use it very often and I am so proud of it:it is stylish, the leather is amazing, it fits with every style of clothes and it seems as though i bought it yeaterday!

    I paid it 275 euros if I remember correctly, and I laugh thinking that a monogram speedy costs 430 and doesn’t have half as good leather!

  2. OMG! I love it!!!

  3. love it! i was searching around for gerard darel bags a year or so ago when i found bagsnob. they are great for people like me of whom $500 is more than 2% of a paycheck ;)

  4. wow… that bag is half of what i make in a month. :(

  5. It’s so sad but true that a thousand dollar bag is considered a cheap thrill these days.

    We are the only ones to blame.

  6. i wasn’t going to comment on this bag at first, but after looking at it for a couple of days, i think it’s gorgeous and the price is fab!

  7. fashion neophyte on said:

    How big is this bag? I can’t really tell from the picture (nothing to compare it to).

    It’s nice.

  8. Pam Stein 26 from NYC on said:


  9. been pondering over where i’ve seen this shape before and realized it reminds me of the fendi spy!

  10. It also looks like Loewe Aire/Air series, very light bags.

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