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Henry Beguelin Red Snakeskin


As you can imagine, I am pretty particular about the bags I buy so it is rare that I see a bag that I lurch towards in absolute must lust. This is such a hot bag, and not just because it is red. Everything about it excites me, in fact, I made sure I ordered this before doing anything else to make sure I get mine mine mine!!! This is snakeskin and can you believe the price is only $1300!!??!? Henry Beguelin bags are handmade, the quality is infallible so I am totally shocked by the price, it is truly the best value I have seen in a long time! And what did I say about red? It is THE color for the foreseeable future. I know it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow but who the heck would buy red and pink bags just to coordinate with a made up holiday? I’m telling you, red is here to stay. There are the signature pull through closure in contrasting black leather and the white stitching, but the shape of the bag is a bit of a departure for the normally loose unstructured styles of Henry Baguelin. But I love that about this bag because it is snakeskin so it requires a bit more sophistication. I don’t mean that this is a totally serious bag, that would not be me, the white stitching tones down the formality but an overall classic look is maintained by the boxy shape. Of course there is still the whimsical and adorable stitched stick figure that marks it as a Henry Baguelin. I would not want one of their bags without it! The distressed black leather trim makes this apple red totally wearable for everyday. And that’s what I plan on doing when I get the bag, wear it every single day. Until I get my next new bag that is =) At Neiman Marcus for $1300.



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  1. cute, i like the white stitching. but nothing awe inspiring like that Oscar Goya bag you guys were gushing about. I should probably wait for that right?

  2. Well, I don´t share your craze about this one. Maybe the color is ok in LA, but certainly not here in northern Europe. And then there is that stitching that I don´t like. Too much everything in one single bag.

  3. Dear, bagsnob..

    i’m a little confused.. please help me, i’m looking for a black bag, the brand i prefer are Juicy Couture -equestrian it girl leather satchel, an Anna Corinna -Ruby City tote and Coach ergo patent leather large hobo.. which one should i choose??? i really need you help.. and thank you so much, bag snob

  4. not crazy about the color or the stitching. i love exotic skins (more than everyone i know actually) but enough is enough. everywhere i turn another dead animal. i can’t wait until the trend is over, so i can feel proud to carry my croc again.

    p.s. not to mention what kelly was talking about last week in reference to designers wasting precious skins on hideous bags. has anyone seen the valentino patchwork croc dome at neimans?!? yikes!

  5. Totally agree with mette, this is certainly not a bag you would wear in Europe, there’s just too much going on: the stitching,bold color,closing clasp…I don’t see a point in buying a bag just because it’s good value for money.Hope you enjoy wearing it though.

  6. Ahhhh, I see. I now understand why it does not appeal to you! It’s really cool that we are all in different parts of the world,,, brought together by Bag Snob. lol

  7. OK, you have my attention…I LOVE this one. It is very “me.” Love the color, love the white stitching, very whimsical! Please let me know if you are happy with the quality of it all when you get it, as that worries me a bit for the price, and I doubt NM has it in the store to just go take a look!

  8. Oh, and Kelly, what size is it? The NM website doesn’t say, I am not a mini bag girl, so I am hoping it is big enough for everyday use?

  9. Hi Melissa,

    I ordered the bag and should get it soon. Their boutique here has another bag in the red snake but in more of a hobo shape. I will go and take a look and give my final verdict. I might actually order both and then decide which one I like more!


    Bag Snob

  10. Kelly-I was looking at this on NM website, (you gave the link, so I had to drool over it…) BUT, I notice it is NOW described on the Neiman site as “snake embossed leather!) When I first looked I don’t think it said that. For snakeskin, 1300 is a great deal, but embossed leather is not my thing. I either want the real thing, or I want just a lovely leather.

    Do you know what the deal is on this? Maybe your source at the boutique can help?

  11. good eye melissa. i knew there was a problem when the patent leather version (which i personally think looks way better) was $70 more than the snakeskin…impossible! It’s definitely snake-embossed leather.

  12. OK so I am not as detailed oriented as you all might think. I usually wait until I get the bag in hand before doing the review but I was so excited I decided to post this story before my bag arrive. Lesson learned. Yes, it is embossed leather =( And now I have to return it cuz embossed leather is not my thing either. We always say too good to be true usually is and now I’m guilty of falling for it. Haa haaa!!


    Bag Snob Kelly

  13. My sister just bought this bag from NM…it’s not real snakeskin…only embossed. There was also a NM catalog that featured this bag and the description was “python-embossed”. Knew the price was to good to be true.

  14. You all, the snake skin trade is a terrible one, and I can’t understand how sophisticated woman can support an industry which is decimating populations. Large pythons are nailed by the head to trees and forced water to make the skin easier to separate from the muscle and then the hapless creature is skinned while still alive, and left to die a long death! Beauty isn’t worth that price!