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Kaboost Chair Booster


Kids all love a boost, they are little and they want to be up where we are. I have this nursing stool that is really light and small and my soon to be 3 year old will run to grab it whenever I am doing something on the kitchen counter so she can be involved. So when I heard of the Kaboost, I knew my daughter was going to love it. Instead of a regular booster, which may make your toddler still feel like a baby, this boosts the entire chair so your kid can sit like a grown up on a grown up chair. This is especially helpful if you have a younger child who is in a highchair because who wants a dining room full of highchairs? This way you get your dining room looking like its old self again and your little one will feel like she finally fits in with the scene. The downside? You will need to give a boost to get them in and out of the Kaboost because it does make the chair so much higher. This is a bit of a problem in the beginning for me because my daughter was already able to climb up and down on her own – and you know how important independence is for them. And at first I was concerned about her falling off such a high perch but then I realized it isn’t higher than a booster so if I need to worry, I will need to include booster and highchair on my list of things to worry about. But she hasn’t fallen off yet and it isn’t really an issue. Another thing to consider is that this boosted chair will no longer be useful to anyone over 4 feet tall. But that would be true of a booster as well. It does come off and on pretty easily. It is held on to your chair legs by tension so all you need to do is pull the extensions out and fit the legs in there, the spring pulls it back and keeps everything in place. Both sides work, they just have different height settings – you just flip it over to the side with the height most appropriate for your child. Smart and easy! At Amazon for $35.87.



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