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Marni Paper Thin Balloon, Perfect for Work and Play

Hi Bag Snobs,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that your blog is fantastic! I didn’t know a whole lot about bags before, but your site gives me a great starting point. I mean, you do most of the work for us. What’s left is simply to decide: 1. Does it suit our own particular lifestyles and needs? and 2. Can we afford it? The latter, I am still working on!

My query is not a new one: I need a work/school bag. Something nice, chic, funky but classic, young and yet professional. I carry around folders and books and am tired of having to lug two bags – one practical (sack) and a nice handbag. I loved the chocolate colored Marc Jacobs Dr Q Delancy that was recommended a few years back. Alas I live in Australia, and well, access is somewhat limited. Can you offer some suggestions for 2008. And if possible, any websites that actually ship to Australia (that won’t charge an arm and a leg!)?

Many thanks,

Linda A

Dear Linda,

Working girls rejoice!! I have the perfect bag that fits all your requirements of nice, chic, function and classic! You don’t have to look like you go to school in Cambridge with a messegner/cross body bag. This has all of the functionality without the bohemian slobbishness. This bag is absolutely amazing for its style and practicality. The inserted handle is huge right now, I’ve seen it everywhere, and makes this bag perfect to go from day (in the cross body strap) to night (unobtrusive from your hot dress held in your hand). The scrunched top adds the youthfulness that you desire and the featherweight thin leather allows you to trek across town without tweaking your shoulders. The gray is truly the new black so you get versatility but together with the brown straps and trim, it is edgy, modern and definitely NOT your boring ole black bag. Please stop using the “sack”, whatever that is, it does not sound like something we would approve of =) Marni Thin Balloon bag is available at Net A Porter for $1284, they ship internationally to most countries (including Australia). They have a very reasonable flat shipping rate of $55 for countries outside of US, Canada and UK. To me this is reasonable because it is much less than a flight to New York!


The Bag Snob



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  1. I bet Tina would have picked another bag. This time I would have liked to see her choice. I love Marni, but this is one of the least attractive bags.

  2. I agree with Merit. This Marni bag does not do justice for the good name. Their designs and pricing are refreshing,but this particlar bag in my opinion is a flop. It is simply ugly!

  3. hello, its sold out, can you recommend something else? dont know why the designers dont put students and other book/notebook carriers into consideration.