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Miss Sixty Makeup



Relaxed innocent beauty was the order of the week in NY. The Miss Sixty show (lead make up artist Gucci Westman from M.A.C.) was heavily 70’s inspired (although the VW vans on stage was more 60’s to me) and the eye make up was all about big, bright and sexy. The shadow was slightly smoky but it is not the smoldering eyes we’ve been seeing too much of, this is cleaner and opens up the eyes. As soon as the show started all I noticed was the make up (probably because the clothes are a few years too young for me). And to back up a little bit, the show did take a while to start, there was a major media circus with flocks of photographers taking pictures of Ashley Olsen, Anne Hathaway and Chloe Sevigny, but mostly of Ashley coming off her sister’s mysterious relationship with Heath Ledger. The eyes were created using M.A.C. shadow and then brushed with plenty of glitter. Jessica Stam stood out with blue shadow, so very 70’s, but she stood out at every show I saw her in (and she was everywhere), she is just so stunning and striking. The hair by Bumble and Bumble was laid back with loose curls and everything slightly out of place for a natural look. Again, this look resonated all week on the runways. Even at Carolina Herrera, the hair (by Orlando Pita for T3) was ethereal – straight with fly aways and some loosely pulled back. Just gorgeous hair the way nature intended which is so refreshing to see on the runway.



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