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New York Hates Gucci


Gucci “Hearts” New York but sadly, it is an unrequited love. We first covered the happy story of this partnership last week. But since then, New York City’s Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), who owns the trademark to I “heart symbol” New York, became a little ticked that PPR (who owns Gucci) did not get permission to use this logo. Uh, did they also hear that all the proceeds from this bag is going back to New York to the Playground Partners Central Park Improvement Program? What is the issue here really? It sounds to me like ego because not only is there no harm, this only benefits the city with cash and PR. And what sane person would fight to turn away cash and PR? This makes no sense. So, to be charitable, we first have to consult with our legal team? I mean, sure Gucci gets something out of this, they want to promote their new giant flagship store on 5th Ave but hello, doesn’t that also benefit the city of New York? Decisively marking it as the fashion capital and the most important market for Gucci? Margaret Brennan of CNBC is covering the ongoing saga, read her continuing coverage.



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  1. A company must protect it’s trademarks, or they are subject to losing the rights to them. Don’t blame NY, it’s the law. It is a multimillion dollar trademark, and they would lose a TON by virtue of the loss of the trademark for failure to defend it.

    Sometimes rules are there for a reason, and in this case, I suspect the city does not care about this, but if they don’t rigorously defend the trademark, they could lose the profits from it later on from T shirts, billboards and everything else with I heart NY on it…

    Gucci should have known better. If Prada wanted to make a bag with the Gucci logo on it, should they be allowed just because the profit goes to charity?

  2. I agree with Melissa. Our name (Bag Snob) is also trademarked and I would not be understanding either if someone breached that, no matter how altruistic the intent.

    If NY city allowed this, it would just open invitations to others to violate the trademark. And please, the publicity generated over this greatly benefits Gucci, how much of it will actually go to the parks? Net proceeds as in after deducting the cost of that huge party?

    When I first covered the story, I blindly assumed it was a partnership with NY city! just shows what lengths Gucci will go to in order to generate publicity. Why not focus on making great bags instead of hideous monstrosities one after another?

  3. NYC is a great City NOOOOOOOOOOOO place like it in the world. The I heart NY trademark must be protected. And Pahhhhhhhhhhleeeze for thinking that gucci really cared about those dang parks. Like you said. Make great bags and and stop the nonsense. 🙂

  4. I’ve been wondering that as well – how much is Gucci actually giving to the city?

    Instead of a blatant logo, why not incorporate something like the Empire State Building into the design or pattern? — something subtle yet visible.

    And maybe couple seasons down the line, do something similar for other large cities like Paris, London, LA, Tokyo, etc.

  5. I first read this story on and was so inspired that I had to write here as well…Friggin NYC–don’t they know I was saving up for this bag-cause I love NYC–and a handbag that gives back!!! When does that ever happen.

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