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Roberto Cavalli Appeals To My Individuality

I don’t like anything that is trendy or that has experienced mass popularity. I feel like overexposure of a product makes it lose whatever quality it had that made it endearing in the first place. David Yurman is pretty much the gold standard of jewelry in Dallas, especially at SMU. During rush parties, girls will ask you about your necklace/ring/bracelet to see if it is by David Yurman. This is exactly why I don’t particularly care for his jewelry. It’s not that I don’t think his things are beautiful, it’s just that I don’t feel like something can be uniquely mine if the girl sitting next to me has the exact same thing on. It makes me feel like I’ve lost some of my individuality. This ring by Roberto Cavalli appeals to my individuality. The moonstone gives it a touch of softness that lends an interesting contrast against the details of the metal band. Roberto Cavalli Moonstone Ring, $263.00,


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