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Wallcandy Arts, Better than Murals


Are you deciding on doing murals in your kid’s room? I thought about this long and hard and factored in costs, re-sale of the house (it’s pretty specific and chances are people will just paint right over it) and remorse. I could not commit to a theme because my kids are small and they might decide that they hate what I spent thousands of dollars getting painted on the walls. And the reality is, you don’t know how it’s going to look until it’s up so there is a lot of risk involved here. For those who can’t commit, like me, these Wallcandy art murals are so perfect and ingenious and totally fun! I got the “Grazeland” because I thought I was having a boy and truck or soccer ball themes were totally out of the question for me. Turned out I had a girl but it all worked out ok because everyone loves farm animals. My daughter absolutely loves her room full of cows, chicks, sheep and the barn (kids love barns, go figure). These stick on your walls and can peel off if you want to switch things around, or like me, move. You have total freedom with where and how you want all the elements to go. They sell borders with the same theme so you can take this throughout the room for a full effect. There is something I should mention, the second time going up, the edges started peeling up as the stickiness gave way but I got removable glue, like the kind that is on a post-it. It keeps the pieces on the wall and still allows them to be removable. There are many designs, you can do polka dots, trains, race cars and tons of other designs. There is even one that is a chalkboard! You can check out all the designs at Wallcandy Arts. The New Grazeland is $76 at Wallies and comes with all the animals, trees, silo, barn, grass and tractor. It may sound pricey for stickers but if you think about the alternatives, it is actually a bargain. And I promise, you will love these, they will make your room look fantastic! Everyone who has seen my nursery just loves them.



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