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Bohemian Garden Step Stool


You don’t buy throw away furniture for yourself so why do that for your kids? I feel like childhood furniture are treasures to be cherished and remembered for generations and that is why I buy investment quality pieces. But rarely does something as special as this come along. Kids love their step stools, it makes them feel independent and “big” so why not make it extra special with something vibrant, colorful and totally unique like this one from artist Laura Higdon. All her heirloom pieces are eco-friendly and made with responsibly forested FSC certified hardwood, using non-toxic, no/VOC paints. These are so amazing and beautiful – it will be used well past childhood and be brought back to be used at the sink when the next generation comes along. This is a high step at 10 3/4″ from the ground so wait until your child is at least 3 to use (meanwhile, keep it somewhere visible to add brightness to your room!). At Arte Bebe for $249 (plus $20 shipping surcharge).



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