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L’Occitane Ultra Comforting Set


I am a huge fan of L’Occitane, I cannot live without my Shea Butter! And it was as if this line of Shea Butter and Organic Cotton oil skincare was made for me! I am pretty picky about what I use and it’s hard to get me away from my regiment but I am totally willing to give this a try because of the love of L’Occitane for the rest of my body. It is made of organic cotton, which is so important to our environment. Cotton accounts for 3% of all farming in the world but the pesticides used to farm cotton accounts for 20%. Imagine that! Now I know why my organic jeans were $275!! Anyway, this set comes with everything you need for your basic skincare needs, the milk cleanser reduces redness and clean away the daily pollutants, the mask hydrates with the mother of all hydrators, shea butter. The serum is great for those with really sensitive skin that is itchy and red, especially in hot weather all that sweating is no good! The moisturizing cream is a basic necessity for those who need something gentle and soothing. It is very difficult to find the right products for those with sensitive skin like myself. You would think I had rhinoceros skin because I have a dark complexion but ironically, it is those with darker skin who are the most sensitive. The fair skin girls get peels and laser treatments, if I did that I would need plastic surgery or worse, my skin would be beyond repair! Ultra Comforting Set on sale for sale $76 which is a great way to try it out, or if you’re convinced get them individually for a bigger size.



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