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Marni Sculpture Bag in GREEN!!


I love this bag and I have been saving it for today so that I don’t get pinched =) Of course, Marni is going to have the best green bag and in patent it is super hot for Spring. How can you not just smile when you see this bag? I know it looks boring but in person it has so much more personality. The inset handle adds to the slick patent leather and the simple bold shape. The bag opens easily with the accordion gusset all around so do not fret about the flatness – you can put your whole life in there without the fear of bulging and misshaping the bag (and it is a good size at 15.5″ x 14.5″). The coolest part is that the handles are magnetic so the whole thing snaps shut. I played with that for about 5 minutes until the salesgirl came by to get me out of the trance by saying, “yes, isn’t that a cool feature?”. Get it at Marni’s website for $1175. As a side note, did you know St. Patrick’s Day this year was actually March 15? The first day of Easter landed on March 17 so the Catholic church changed it. Why do I know this? I am married to a Catholic and my brother in law knows everything. Whew!! Too much information!! Now go yourself an apple martini (or 3!).



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  1. Kelly , I share your comments of this bag-although I believe this bag needs a certain environment. Northern Europe is not perhaps the place to tote it around.But if you live somewhere where there is plenty of colors,this is a must.

  2. Thank you for the info about St. Patrick’s Day! I purchased a Marni bag three years ago from and I have to say that from that moment on, I was a fan. I love their use of color and the shapes of their bags are always interesting and fresh. To Mette, isn’t that the reason to carry a colorful bag in Northern Europe, to bring some color?