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Nicole Paxson Cosmetics

“When only perfection will do”


This line of cosmetics, designed by Nicole Paxson, was invented for problem skin that can’t be concealed by ordinary foundation and concealer. If you suffer from a facial birthmark, dark circles, rash, Rosacea, acne or any other skin pigmentation issue, Nicole Paxson is your solution. These products contain the highest level of SPF UVA/UVB protection available on the market and are also completely waterproof (I tested this myself out by the pool, no burn and no smudge!).The morning that I tested this product I woke up with a mountain of a pimple right by the center of my left eyebrow. I applied the foundation and smoothed it out with powder and then asked my boyfriend to ‘point to the pimple’ from a distance of about 3 feet away in normal lighting. After a few random guesses It was clear that my pimple was completely camouflaged! YAY! The “pudding” foundation has a wonderfully light consistency that reminds me of, well, pudding! And I really loved the powder which is genius for having two similar shades side by side so don’t need to worry about getting a new compact if you lose your tan or get one over the summer. I must put out this disclaimer; this makeup is heavy duty, if you have perfect skin you should stick to your tinted moisturizer. The reason this product hides every flaw the way it does is because it’s thick. Although it doesn’t feel heavy on your face, you need to be sure you have the RIGHT shade and that you BLEND! Please go to Nicole Paxson to place your order!


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