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Petit Joie by Corinne Auge


%21cid_image001_jpg%4001C87AD5.jpgHappy Birthday to one of my dearest and chicest friends, Corinne Auge, the designer behind the new tot chic line Petit Joie! Corinne has been a constant source of inspiration to me since we met 15 years ago in Hong Kong; our lives have changed so much since then but at the heart of our different paths has been our unwavering friendship. At almost 6′ tall, Corinne is the type of gorgeous girl you want to hate but can’t help loving; she is kind hearted and compassionate, and a fiercely loyal friend. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Corinne moved to Paris when she became one of the most sought after Supermodels in Europe. Not satisfied with just being a pretty face however, she completed her college degree at the University of Bamberg in Germany and moved back to Hong Kong where she founded a successful modeling agency. After moving to Los Angeles in 1996, she dabbled in a line of accessories (Pashminas and Indian jewelry) but she put her professional life on hold when she gave birth to two adorable kids, Jemina and Alexander. That is, until the powers at Joie- recognizing her innate sense of style and impeccable taste, talked her into creating a line for girls. A year later, Petit Joie was born. The line is comprised of hip and funky tops and casually chic dresses that all little girls should have in their closets. Full of color and fun, Corinne has really captured the essence of effortless style!


I am so proud of my sweet friend, not only for what she’s done with Petit Joie, but also for being an incredibly hands on mother (and a gourmet cook, she loves to entertain!), how she manages to do it all is a mystery to me. Currently, Petit Joie is offered for girls size 4-6 but will be increased up to size 14 by next Fall! It is sold at Barneys New York and Lisa Kline Kids on Robertson Blvd in LA. I was told the line has the front and center spot in all the window displays, go check out the line if you are in the area or call Joie to find out where it is being sold near you. I just wish I had a little girl because she would be decked out in Petit Joie, day in and day out! Call 213-627-1429 for more info!




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  1. Congratulations Corinne!!! … who is also my dear old friend from these old days in Germany! I share every word you say about Corinne! What a great line! I hope it will be available soon in Paris in bigger sizes!