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Sisley Ecological Compound : Face Saver

In my 20’s I relied on many products to see me through different continents, climate changes and countless hours I spent on airplanes each week. One of them, my absolute favorite, is the Ecological Compound from Sisley. It is an amazing lightweight compound that literally provides a shield between your skin and the environment. Between the LA smog and polluted air in Asia, I needed something to keep my skin fresh and dewy. This is not to replace your moisturizer, it is an addition. It should be the first thing your skin touches before your serums, lotion and sunscreen. It actually prepares your skin to derive maximum benefit from all other beauty care products! Instantly absorbed, it’s made of plant complex that gives your skin radiance while combating the damaging effects of pollution and climatic changes. I use it as a massage lotion as well (Carine Roitfeld told me her secret to eternal youth is daily facial massage!)- ask your facialist to teach you a few easy at home massage moves! You must try this, It’s expensive but your face is worth it. There are two sizes but I like the larger size because you get more for your money. Let me know how you like your new glowing skin after using this for a few days 🙂 I have not used this product in years, but now, in my 30’s I find I am needing it more than ever (what with the insane weather changes of recent weeks and my hectic travel schedule.). I just clicked and ordered mine (free shipping from saks!) and can’t wait to get my faithful friend back! Sisley Emulsion Ecologique 4.2 oz $220 at



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  1. Hi Tina,

    I love your blog! Because of you I am now a Natura Bisse addict and I love the products. I live in Norway and I asked all several facialist to teach me facial massage moves, but they can´t…Is there an internet site were I can learn this, maybe you can write more about it? Kindest Vilde

  2. Hi Vilde,

    What a great idea, I will do an entry on my little moves. Just remember, always go up, never pull down. I’ll try to find some pictorials to go along with my instructions.

    Thank you for your support!


  3. Tina, you are killing me but I am adopting your philosophy of splurging on your skin now to avoid drastic measure later.

    Can’t wait to get this!

  4. I absolutely like this one, too! It’s so light yet moisturizes my skin like a dream, amazing! (I do have normal to dry skin).

    However, I’m just wondering, if it put a shield on your skin and you use this before serum and all the other stuffs, wouldn’t it be a kind of block?