SPANX is not just tights!


You might think this is off topic for Beauty Snob but beauty definitely encompasses the figure!! We all know about the amazing benefits of Spanx tights, even the thinnest celebs wear them because we are all women and women have curves and bulges. And cameras are oh-so-NOT forgiving!! Even for regular gals like us, we need to look our best on our special nights out but for sure we want to be slim every day of the week!! Warm weather is here so we can no longer hide behind bulky sweaters. Good thing Spanx has a whole line of various under garment “gadgets” to get us to look our very smoothest, even if they can’t make us actually thinner. I tried all their goodies and my favorite and the one I find myself wearing the most is this Hide & Sleek high rise panties with a thong back. Those half tights (they just go to the thigh) seem to make my jeans slip off so I’m pulling at them all day, which is annoying. And they don’t work with my staple of DvF wrap dresses because the wind does blow them open (or brisk walking will do that) and how embarrassing is it to be caught with what looks like giant grandma underwear underneath! This is the perfect solution, I get the thong that is a requirement with tight jeans (the jeans do the butt lifting I need) and the high rise panel is super firm so it keeps the muffin top in check. The front is totally seam free so it is completely undetectable under tight t’s, sheer blouses and knits. There is an elastic band in the back to keep the whole thing in place. The only issue I found is that I want to pull it up as high as possible and that causes a wedgie. I just have to find the sweet spot where everything works perfectly and I look instantly 5 pounds thinner. How awesome is that?? Comes in black and nude for $42 ($46 for plus sizes) at Spanx online.

2 thoughts on “SPANX is not just tights!

  1. I live in the Spanx tights all winter long. I love them!

  2. Is it a big deal when you are ot yet ready to update, lol! Take time with the previous one because many are not yet explored.

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