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Secrets to Eternally Youthful Hands


Not only do I spend a fortune on hand creams, I use my expensive face cream and masks on them too. I noticed from a very young age that women tend to neglect their hands and made a mental to myself (at age 10) that I would always make sure my hands didn’t look a mangled wrinkled mess. Your hands are one of the first things people notice so why wouldn’t you care for them the way you do your face or neck? I use special scrubs and masks on my hands as well as sunscreen and in the summer months, I pull out my ultimate secret weapon for eternally youthful hands- white cotton gloves for driving! Okay, so you’ll look like you’re driving Miss Daisy but if you knew how much damage your hands suffer while you are driving, you’d put on two pairs, not just one. If you look at women in cities such as New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Taipei where they take cabs or the subway instead of drive, they generally have unlined hands. Now look at women in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami or any other city in American suburbia and you will see sunspots and damage from all the hours spent in the sun driving. But don’t worry, there is hope! Here are my secrets for gorgeous hands (you will thank me when your boyfriend/hubby can’t stop touching your hands because they’re so soft and smooth :).

1. Exfoliate

Talika Hand Ritual Kit is my saviour. The two step kit has a scrub that I use 2-3 times a week followed by a serum. The scrub purifies, moisturizes and smooths with salt and sugar crystals and vitamins C and E to combat aging and spotting. The serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots while brightening the skin. $65 at

(Cheap Thrill Alternative– mix brown sugar with olive oil and use as a scrub. Follow with beaten egg whites- massage in to back of hands for a few minutes, rinse well)

2. Moisturize

Natura Bisse Hand Silk Cream is one of my favorites. It instantly moisturizes without leaving a heavy or greasy residue which makes it ideal for daytime use. $32 at Neiman Marcus

La Mer The Hand cream is a worthy splurge if your budget allows for it. $70 at Neiman Marcus.

(Cheap Thrill alternative: Neutrogena Comforting Butter Hand Cream, Butter Cream– $5.39 at

3. Protect

spf45skin.jpgSunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! – Skinceuticals SPF 45 is hands down the best protection for face and hands. $36 at Cooper Spa, call to order and receive free shipping when you mention Beauty Snob! 214-383-1010

White Cotton Gloves by Go Gloves is my must have, sold by the dozen, it will last you all year. I sometimes slather cream on my hands and put on the gloves overnight for deep treatment. You must get the 100% cotton, not cotton blend so that your skin can breathe. $19.95 for a dozen at



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  1. We MUST see some pictures of your hands!! I love scrubbing my hands with Kiehl’s body exfoliator and then moisturizing when a truckload of kiehl’s all day protection hand cream, and then maybe some 8 hour cream on top…

  2. That is such a great idea about the gloves while driving! I don’t care if they look silly. They look better than spots and wrinkles!

  3. tina! love the brown sugar cheap alternative!

    just wondering – how and where did you learn that and what do the egg whites do for your hands?

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been vain my whole life (30+ years!) and I have picked up secrets and tips from women around the world throughout my travels. I also read everything I can on anti-aging and beauty- I have stacks of books dating back to the 1950’s on fashion and beauty! My brothers always said all the time I spent on it was useless but look who’s laughing now 🙂 Who knew it would one day become my business!?!?

    As for the egg white, it has vitamin E for moisturizing and it will also tighten the skin (temporarily but it does work!).

  5. Hi Beauty Snobs,

    Thanks as always for the informative post. I have a couple of quick questions — in step 1, do you have an alternative serum for the cheap thrills variation? Also, in step 3, can I ask why Skinceuticals? I love Skinceuticals and would love to use their sunscreen but thought that using Neutrogena or Anthelios would be the best bet, to have the helioplex/mexoryl protection.

    Your site is so fantastic. I check it and Bag Snob daily. Thanks for the witty, informative posts!

  6. Lovely ideas. I’m obsessed with my hands too. My question is, is washing dishes, gardening and doing weights bad for my hands? Are there any preventive measures I can take? Thanks!

  7. I use La Mer hand creme. I used to use parafin wax twice a week in one of those heating things. It was such a time waster. Now I get better results with La Mer. It does save on the amount of creme you use by just putting it on the top of your hands!