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Tragedy Struck My Chanel Wallet


Or more precisely, nail polish remover struck it. I got this horrific picture from a reader, Linh, her niece spilled nail polish remover on her Chanel wallet and needless to say, she is devastated. Linh came to us for help and luckily there is hope. One of the biggest draws with buying from big major designers like Chanel is that they have an internal repair service with specialists that they call “Leather Surgeons” (I’m not making that up, it is their official title). If you are faced with a bag disaster, you need to send it back to the Chanel Boutique you bought it from (even if you did not buy it from their boutique, find the closest one to you and send it there. Neiman Marcus will not be able to help you). Once the leather surgeon takes a look, he will be able to tell you what he can do and how much it will be. There are options with damage like the one here with nail polish remover that has bleached the leather. Depending on the saturation level, if it is just surface damage, it is salvageable, if it is soaked through the leather, there may not be anything they can do. They can use the original dye and redye it black (if you have beige leather, your only option would be to go black). This could cost anywhere from $200-$500, but keep in mind a new Chanel wallet is only a few hundred more so it may not be worth it. The turnaround for repairs is around 8 weeks. We hope nothing like this happens to your Chanel bag, but if you need additional information or you do not know where to send your sick bags, contact the Managing Director of the Highland Park boutique, Pilar Hubbard at 214-520-1055.



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  1. This happened to me once with a leather gucci bag. I was at a nail salon and the manicurist accidently spilled nail polish remover on my bag. The salon sent it to gucci and they repaired it and it was like new.

  2. Looking at that wallet makes my heart sad. I have nearly the same one. It’s good to know about the service. Thanks for educating us. I had a bag repaired at LV one time and it was well worth the cost.

  3. I’ve anticipated reading this post and thank you Kelly, for doing the research. I will take your advice, and take it to a Chanel boutique. However, I might give it a second thought on sending it to the leather surgeons, depending on how much it will cost. As you said, sometimes it is not worth getting something repaired.

  4. Ladies please I mean common was she painting her nails using her chanel bag as a cushion, Just dye the whole thing with nail polish, and then you will have a rare rustic silver Chanel. Just buy another one.

  5. Dear Bag Snob Kelly,

    I also have a problem with my Chanel bags. I have a couple of white patent ones, however at the corners where the chain sits the bag has turned black. I think the colour of the chain has somehow interacted with the patent leather and dyed it. I took it to the Chanel store and they just told me that there was nothing they could do. Very unfriendly. I also have a rose pink patent bag from there which has discoloured, how I don’t know, but it’s also the corners, they have gone a yellowish colour. Again Chanel told me that there was nothing to be done. There was no mention of this repair service from them. The white ones were purchased from S’pore and the rose pink one from London. Have you come across this problem with any of your patent Chanel bags?

    Thx. Miffy

  6. In NYC there is a great shoe/bag repair that does work for all the Madison Ave stores. Empire Shoe repair on Lex. He may be able to help for significantly less, because at that price, the fix may just not be worth it versus buying a new one. If you are near here, it’s an option, I trust him with all my shoes, which are all the 500 to $900 range so he is good. He also dyed a croc bag for me once just bc I wanted a change of pace…

  7. Yikes.. I would be sad. I had OJ spilled on my Prada tote once and luckily was able to wash it. But, don’t try this at home. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, I actually tossed it in the washer but it came out okay.

    I have problems with light color Chanel bags as well. I am deathly afraid using a creamy white wool Chanel bag. What was I thinking white and wool??

  8. sorry…kind of off the topic, but don’t know where else to turn. I pulled the string of my Chanel ballet flats too hard and it broke!!! How might this be fixed??????