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You’ll Flip For Bonnie Marcus!

bonnieflips.jpgNever go to Yoga looking slovenly again or leave a pedicure with the ridiculous paper flip flops! Bonnie Marcus has the most adorable line of flip flops and I know you want want to own every pair. I left LA six years ago to move to Dallas but the LA girl inside me still craves the jeans and flip flop lifestyle. Bonnie’s Yoga Girl flip flops are super comfy and stylish, I keep them in my car so I can whip them out when ever my feet tire of my stilettos! There are styles for everyone, new brides (Kelly changed into her flip flops at the end of her wedding to dance the night away, her dress was long and no one noticed!), spa girls, expecting girls, etc. Go check out her website and you’ll probably end up with more than just flip flops, Bonnie is also the paper guru to celebrities!



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