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Christian Lacroix Woven Clutch

I am actually quite surprised that this Lacroix is so subdued, to me I associate Lacroix with crazy Edina from Absolutely Fabulous. Everyone is doing the woven leather, but this weave is big and bold (ok, so there is boldness) which makes it mui caliente (it means “hot” but I try to avoid sounding like, you know who). It is on a vinyl frame with a nifty little clasp. The contrast of the leather and vinyl is very architectural to me somehow, like furniture almost, and I likey!!! A great piece for all your needs and is a normal size for you traditionalists who still want a modest little clutch with your very immodest little dress =) And like your sexy lingerie, the lining is a daring bright red satin! This is definitely for someone who has a secret life behind that goodie goodie exterior. At Net a Porter for $961.

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4 thoughts on “Christian Lacroix Woven Clutch”

  1. You know, what? I usually love Christian Lacroix stuff, but this just looks like something thrown into the current over saturated bag market. By that, I mean, it doesn’t really look like Lacroix. It looks like the Fendi seatbelt bag.

  2. This looks like those bags made of seatbelts. It’s not fabulous at all. It doesn’t even look like Cristian Lacroix!

  3. It’s an unusualy Lacroix. Most of the Lacroix RTW I have purchase are all very colorful. But I like the understated look of the clutch. I told savvy mom to buy me a Dior jacket once and she misheard and bought a tie-dye seude leather jacket in shades of brown, beige and orange with snakeskin details. But, I loved the fuchsia silk lining inside. So bright….


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