Dado Cubes


My daughter got these for her birthday recently, and I didn’t think much of it — just another toy right? I had no idea it would boggle her mind and keep her interested for 20-30 minutes at a time (that’s like a lifetime for a 3 year old, ya know!!!). She started off just putting them in order of size back into a cube, but then figured out how to put the pieces together like Legos (which she loves!). As 3-dimensional as Legos are, it does not compare to how complex and mind bending these cubes are. They learn how to balance and understand basic physics. Visual Spatial Learning has been a buzz term in child development and is thought to be a sign of intelligence. Being that we all have the world’s smartest kid, you wouldn’t want to deprive him or her of the chance to show it off, would you? =) Maybe if I had these as a kid I’d be an astronaut instead of a blogger! At Amazon for $24.95.

One thought on “Dado Cubes

  1. interesting toy. much better than a lot of other toys out there. and at a good price too!

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